Supporting Christian Workers and Enabling Christian Unity and Revival

Béthanie Christian Ministries Jersey Trust ("BCMJ") was formed primarily to support the Christian ministry of Bill and Jan Gordon in France, the Channel Islands and UK.

Bill & Jan Gordon
Bill and Jan’s ministry was originally focused on the Béthanie Christian Centre in Normandy, birthed by Bill and his first wife, Liz, and developed after she died by Bill and Jan.

As their ministry developed, Bill and Jan travelled increasingly to churches and groups in various parts of France, the Channel Islands and the UK.

Whilst this greatly increased their contacts, and enabled them to reach many more people over a much wider area, it also added to the pressures of the demanding ministry of hospitality and day to day running of the Béthanie Christian Centre.

Therefore, after much prayer and consultation, Bill and Jan took the courageous step of selling the Béthanie Christian Centre to another Christian organisation, Bless Network.

The Lord showed them that they should move to the Vendée region of France, on the Atlantic Coast, south of Brittany.

They have bought a home in Bretignolles-Sur-Mer. God has already opened new doors and provided new opportunities for them to serve Him in the region.

Bill and Jan minister and serve with a longing to see Christian reconciliation, unity and revival. Their main areas of ministry are:

Networking: which takes them to various areas of France, the Channel Islands and the UK.

Teaching, training and equipping: with a particular focus on inner healing. A major part of this is centred on ‘The Plumbline Course’ which was originally developed by Dr. Bruce Thompson in his book ‘Walls of My Heart’. Also through personal ministry of ‘conversation and prayer’ with individuals.

Enabling: helping those called into other ministries, networking, prayer ministries, church planting, Christian training through church events; with a role as mediators in several churches.

Discipling: called to work with the young, whether it be in age or faith, with a view to developing the giftings God has placed within them, bringing them to a greater maturity with Him in order to release them into His calling on their lives.